Luck? NO !!!

The momentum of my journey caught many by surprise. If I say everything out loud, recounting each incident one by one, I am quite sure there will be goosebumps aplenty. Some stuff best left unsaid as it could be so easily misconstrued as "trumpeting". Well, some people attributed it to luck. Others made analysis and came out with theories of my service in church, my hospitality to friends and etcetera etcetera. Too many theories of my so called 'phenomenal success'. Seriously, I want to make it known that all that has happened, not humanly possible. HOW ??? For one, I can't be all that lucky and two, I can't possibly be planning all those moves and getting them orchestrated to fall in nic

4th year... begins today

July 12 today. Three years ago, on this day I signed up for a course of 6 art lessons. My first piece, I painted "Ballerinas" . Never thought I would continue painting till this day. Never imagine that my life will change so much since picking up the brush! A lot has happened in these 3 years. I completed 101 pieces. 100th featured here next to 1st. 😱 Today, I thank God for the ability to paint, I thank my wonderful art teachers for inspiration and guidance, I thank my family for unwavering support, I thank the Angels who helped and open doors for me and I thank my friends whose affirmation and encouragement carried me through moments of insecurity and diffidence. A momentous day, I tak

Differently abled

I have been busy with work. Not just busy working but also busy meeting people because of work. One gentleman, a shrewd businessman I met over blue tea and lovely Nyonya Kueh talked about his heritage, what it means to be Peranakan. This gentleman is passionate about the preservation of his heritage. Hats off to the Babas. He told me that "Singapore is borne of many traditions into one culture.What then is Singapore culture?" We chatted and in between sips of Teh and bites of Kueh, he also talked about helping the disadvantaged. One comment he made left an impact and had me looked at "disability" so very differently since. He said to me "Don't use the word 'disabled ' too easily. Too negativ

art and the artist

Someone told me, people do not just buy art, they buy the artist as well. I had pondered over this for quite a while and if it holds true, I hope this artist in me can justify the value of the artwork that my clients are paying for. :) I have been much blessed, the affirmation by my clients, both individual and institutional have been substantial. It geared me up and beefed up my confidence, I can now say it squarely to anyone I get introduced to " I am an artist". I will also add that I have never been happier, more fulfilled and more satisfied in a job. In spite of the nods I have been getting, I still get the nerves whenever the topic of getting an art collector/ expert to view my work

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