Some kind of wonderful

Can you even believe this? A cake made out of my own design? Well, I had one specially made for me by a talented baker, tonight. Cakes from Ten Butter Fingers not only look good, they taste as good as they look. This is the second cake we ordered from TBF and we are totally bowled over each time. Each order is not just an order of cake, the creative process starts immediately once the order is received. They ask questions, they research, they make one cake... just for that particular person. Ten Butter Fingers' cakes are art forms, not just mere cakes. Painstakingly put together with care and effort, each piece itself a class if its own. This one is so special to me. One of my favorite Pera

My Happy Pill

A super busy day for me, I didn't do any work but I received orders that totally made my day. Topping up the distribution outlets is a task I have to do. I am a one man operation and in spite of the fact that I have to drive, lug and deliver the sets myself, I do it cheerfully, gratefully. A delivery means that the stocks are moving. It means the coasters have found favour with the consumers. It means that there are sales. I feel a surge of joy each time I get an order. Over the moon. It is my happy pill. Today was doubly special, the top up orders came from 2 outlets and my online shop also received orders today. I didn't have time to get down to do any work today but the orders came. I a

Battle Box Visitor Centre

This photo was sent to me last week. I was away. Back home now after a week's break. Battle Box Visitor Centre now carries my full range of stocks. I can't tell you how pleased and excited I am. Please visit if you are in the vicinity. Here is a short brief about BattleBox (on Fort Canning Hill) that I lifted from the internet. "The Battle Box is the popular name of the underground command centre constructed under Fort Canning, Singapore, as an emergency, bomb-proof command centre during the Malayan Campaign and the Battle of Singapore. The Battle Box is now a museum and a tourist attraction."

gs Online is closed for the week

Going to take a break. gs Online will be closed for a week. Will re open Sept 15. Thank you so much for your kind understanding. However, if you need stocks, please visit The Fullerton Shop, The Chinatown Heritage Centre, Peranakan Museum, Peranakan Tile Museum, Rumah Kim Choo or The BattleBox Visitor Centre. Apologies for inconvenience caused.

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