The SUTD order...

.... work officially commences today. 8 sketches commissioned. Materials received today. This job is a collaboration effort with 2 of my fav artists, the very talented Ms Joyce Tan and the amazingly gifted Ms Yoke Ying. Both, were my classmates from ACJC.

Child Myopia

In the Straits Times today, the front feature on Home Page is an article on Child Myopia. Prof Saw SM has spent years heading the study and it is clear, the more time the child spent outdoors, the more likely that myopia can be prevented or delayed. Spend more hours under natural light against hours indoors under man made light bulb, huge benefits to reap. Her labour of love over an extended period of time from 7 to 11 years old, following up 1000 children is no mean feat. Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world, approximately 7 in 10 teenagers. It is a serious problem. Now, you may be wondering why a study on Child Myopia has got anything to do with me? Well, not me M

Eight !

At my last count, I thought that I have 6 outlets carrying my stocks. I was wrong. In actual fact, I have 8 ! My company is a retail point and I have an online shop that is slowly gaining momentum. It was very VERY slow in the beginning but of late, there has been activity! YAY !!! Now, who would have thought that I would become a REAL e commerce platform??? God is GOOD. I thank HIM from the bottom of my heart. The joy I feel? Oh yes, oh, SWEET joy ! :)

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