SOS Series 3 ... NOW Available online !!!

Ok, ready. Tonight we go LIVE. A little hiccup though, I have completely SOLD OUT the placemats of the new series on National Monuments due to pre launch orders. I sincerely apologise. The new stocks will arrive in 2 weeks and I will update accordingly. Christmas is in 3 weeks, I can't wait for the new stocks to come, so here we are, we just got to carry on.... the coasters are ready and of cos, if you like a more colorful gift this happy holiday season...The Peranakan Series is available, have a browse at my Online store and if there is anything to your fancy, please CLICK CLICK CLICK. :)

Coming soon ... Series on National Monuments

Architecture Sketch Art is a tedious and painful art form. I decided on the theme of National Monuments in this third series of 'SKETCHES OF SINGAPORE' but I never expected it to sap out so much of me !!! Haha... it was a very tough 4 weeks working on these. It was difficult to match pillar for pillar, aligned window for window, too many lines, too many details and demanded way too much time. I persevered and slogged on. I was exhausted after completing this series. Thank God !!! The complete line of merchandise, comprising coasters, mats and mugs are in production now. Phew !!! I am waiting to receive my first shipment soon. :) Through it all, I have learnt and benefitted much. In my kind

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