Happy New Year !

Will be busy tomorrow so I will do my reflections today. As far as my art journey is concerned, I have had a simply awesome 2016. The year was filled with many highlights, several milestones were achieved, totally unforgettable, they will stay imprinted in my mind. Too many to list, all I can say is that every deal cut was a miracle, many a time, beyond my comprehension, impossible even in my imagination. Not just my mind, my heart too, I know for a fact, I have been blessed. I am ecstatic that my merchandise is moving at the retail points, am thrilled that there is activity in my online shop, am thankful that my clients give me time and space for creativity, am grateful for institutional a

WOW !!! Look at me ...

Received these images from Chinatown Heritage Centre this morning while doing my round of deliveries. My eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped !!! I had to stop the car somewhere to eyeball these carefully! Golly ! I was informed that CHC will be redoing their retail space and they have told me that they would give me a space but I never NEVER expected this ! I hope I do justice to the space and prominence accorded to my stocks! Folks, if you are in Chinatown, do pop by the Chinatown Heritage Centre at 48, Pagoda Street. Yours truly is there, you can't miss me with this kind of display !!! Wow wow WOW !!!

gsArt Online will be closed for vacation break from Dec 15 to 28

Been working hard and will be taking a much needed vacation with family. GS Online will be closed from Dec 15 and will resume operation on Dec 27. If you need to place any orders, please do so quickly in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

One Year...

Dec 3, 2016. Today marks the start of the second year of my company. Time flies and believe me, I didn't even notice it till the phone prompted me about a week ago !!! Been busy, I barely notice how fast each day zooms past. Taking stock of my art journey today. I know I have been blessed. MUCH blessed. I have a consistent flow of work orders. Been steady. The commissions are not just from friends or friends' friends, I am now getting work from people I do not know! Incredible it may sound , in this year I have added names to my corporate/ institutional client list. I am so honoured and so privileged to call Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Nat

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