My Signature Piece was ...

... this afternoon. It is going to be a wedding gift and it will stay in a young couple's new home. I am honored and so very very pleased that this painting is going there. Love is the greatest power, it is able to take people up to the skies. Soar together. Here's wishing the young couple a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations.

Living@55 : A GS momento

The idea of the specs cloth came from our Swiss Aunt Christine when Gordon and I visited her last year in Basel, Switzerland. Aunt Christine is an art lover. She took us to museums, walks in the parks and quaint cafes. She gave me one and told me I should explore the idea. It will make a quaint gift. It took a while to find the cloth and I also found the right occasion to make it. Made 100 pieces of my signature exhibition painting on the cloth as a momento for Living@55. I decided that 100 is the max number for this and all my future specs cloths, if I ever make anymore. I sell them all, good. If I don't, it is ok. I won't cry. And would you believe it ? I have just sold out my 100 pcs of t

Living @55... My signature piece is titled "SOAR"

I picked this to be my signature piece. This piece I called it "SOAR" . Soar as high as you can, the skies is the limit. The Lord willing, nothing is too hard, nothing too impossible. This was an interpretation of the husband's photo, taken in Lake Geneva when we visited Switzerland last year. My play of colors is very evident in my work but I wanted to show a different side of me, I also wanted to show that I can paint with minimum colors and what better occasion to say it than this exhibition? Hahaha... and so I put this up, right next to my Bio.

Limit reached ... 50th print SOLD today!

One of the high points of the exhibition is this framed print. I had named it 'CNY Festive Cheer'. Earlier in the year, I sold 46 pieces to one dept in UOB. No, I didn't sell my original. I just sold my prints. We agreed to put a limit to this print run. 50. My normal practice is 20 and l am far from selling out any prints of my mixed media sketches. I put this up at the exhibition. Last night, I sold numbers 47, 48 and 49. I wondered to myself, who is going to buy the last print? Or is there really going to be one? Things happen when you least expect it. I sold it this morning! To my last Visitor today! Yay ! I am soo thrilled, so happy. 50 framed prints! ALL SOLD. Can you believe it???!!

Amazing Grace, Awesome Timing and Tremendous Favor

My friend sent me this shot a few hours ago. You know what? I haven't stopped grinning since. Thank goodness I am alone in my garden table cutting up my painting tags. I think I must be quite a sight, looking at this photo repeatedly and then smiling gleefully... to myself. Hahaha... Tomorrow is THE DAY and the eve of the BIG day tonight, I confess I can't find the words to describe what goes on inside me. I am about to burst with excitement! I am just so happy looking at the stands with my paintings and my prints. Wahhhhh... it is REAL. An exhibition that I can call my own, shared with 2 school mates from the same junior college, celebrating our 55th year. Cool. Very cool. I remember in th

One more day ...

So it has come down to one more day before the exhibition. Folks, if you have time, do drop by. It will be our honor.

4 more days...

Still a noob, I still get goosebumps whenever I see materials bearing my name with my grandmother story of my art journey and the company I started. 😳This is one of the new stands I made for the exhibition this Friday. And yes, it is down to 4 more days. I remember sounding out the girls over lunch and talking about it ... 18 months ago. Can't believe it is really happening and so soon too! Been eventful planning this. There were ups and there were downs but we braved through. Till this day we are still experiencing God's grace and His tremendous favor. Today, another miracle happened. Got the text minutes ago. Can't tell you what but if you swing by this Friday, you will see it! 😉 Trut

Countdown to the big day...

Yesterday was Thursday, April 13 today. 8 more days to THE DAY on April 21. There are so many things to do when it comes to planning an exhibition. A LOT OF PREP WORK, and I am not just talking about painting. THAT is the easy part. I am just so glad there are three of us! ❤️❤️❤️ I made a trip at 10am to the east side of town to get the rest of my work scanned. When I saw the shutters down, I panicked, what happened? She has gone on holiday, oh no!!! The uncle next door saw my panic strickened face, very kindly told me to take a seat at his shop and wait. 😂 Lady J finally appeared some 20 minutes later. 😅After scanning my sketches, I drove to my printer who is also my framer. Spent the r

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