glacy and friends... art showcase at chinatown heritage centre

I will start talking about IT. I firmed up everything this morning and I think I should get some form of publicity going. 😉 Name of the next showcase is ... GLACY AND FRIENDS Venue: Chinatown Heritage Centre Duration : July, August, September 2017 I will put it on record that it wasn't my idea to name it as such but well, under the circumstances, it seemed like a good idea. I agreed. There will be 2 parts to this exhibition. Instalment one will feature my 2 gfs. They were with me in the LIVING @55 exhibition at SUTD. Yoke Ying and Joyce Tan will again join me in this thematic showcase, featuring Chinatown. Happening soon. July. I have 2 very special "senior" friends, both NAFA trained a

This is Third ...

The first two designs of the specs cleaning cloths sold fast and well. Took me a while to decide what the third design would be. Since this is the year of the Rooster, I thought, why not ? The chicks arrived and they can be purchased at my online shop @$10. Free Shipping up to 10pcs in Singapore. Please message me privately for overseas orders. Thank you ! * Limited production run. I don't like to mass market. This time, I have upped the quantity slightly because this is also the Year of the Rooster


#109 Venetian Gondolas Oil on canvas 40"x 30" Donation to Bone Marrow Donor Program Gala Painting will be framed. Frame donated by Mrs Carolyn Tan. Painting is an interpretation of an original photograph by Mr Gordon Yh Tan. Not too long ago, someone said to me, "paint things with a social theme". I sensed a big hint of censure, a large tinge of cynicism and a huge dose of disapproval at what I have been churning out. I will be lying if I say I wasn't bothered. I did lose some sleep and I thought hard about it. In the end, I chose not to be bothered by these comments. To each his own. His mouth. He says what he likes. I went along with my gut feel, I continue t

From the bottom of my heart ...

My dear friends, thank you for your love, encouragement and well wishes in the past two weeks. I have had a superbly good exhibition. Sales exceeded expectations (honestly, a lot went through my mind before the exhibition and they were not all that positive), the icing on the cake was that I also received a commission and secured orders for some merchandise, now and for 2018! I am so thankful and grateful for your warm support. It was a success and a very huge one!!! To my God, thank YOU so very very much.

Authentication Notes

I was asked by a client to make one for the two prints that she bought, cos she was giving them away. She is going to send them overseas and she said it will be nice for the recipient to have some background of the painting and some information on the artist. So, I wrote something about the story behind the painting and then included a little blurb on myself. I started with one copy, sent it over to my FA artist in NZ, and when she mailed the finished artwork over, I liked it so much that I decided to work on another and then another. And they all look so nice. So, I made a decision that from henceforth, I shall include something like this for every painting or print sold. It completes a sa

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