We are ready for AUGUST!

Loooooook !!! 😱The paintings are up on the walls of Chinatown Heritage Centre. They looked wonderful, simply awesome! I am so pleased and so proud to present to you 15 original works in water color and mixed media by my senior art mentors, my very special friends, Mr Tan Siak Thong and Mr Lim Teow Lin. Yes !!! we are ready. Please come by CHC if you are in the vicinity. Exhibition is on for the month of August. CHINATOWN HERITAGE CENTRE 48 Pagoda Street Open daily, 9am to 8pm* My heartfelt thanks to the Staff of CHC for invaluable help during this installation. Thank you so very much.

Introducing my ACJC art teacher, Mr Lim Teow Lin

Part 2 of 'glacy and friends' will start in August, at the Chinatown Heritage Centre. There is a special "teacher and student" collaboration, one that means a lot to me. Mr Lim Teow Lin, my ACJC art teacher who is now 82 years old and I, his student from 38 years ago. 😉 I am so happy and so honored to be able to do this showcase with him. Since reconnecting with him 2 years ago, I have been popping by his home and I have managed to sieve through some of his works. His subject matter is varied but I can clearly see he has a soft spot for certain things.😱 He loves to paint famous ACSians. He loves the ACS Buildings, the iconic clock tower in Barker Road, the ACJC campus. He spent 32 years

'glacy and friends' part 2... introducing Mr Tan Siak Tong

One of my oldest friends in the market is Mr Tan Siak Thong. Been going to his stall for years but it was only in the last couple of years that through Facebook(he knows FB!!!) that I found out that he paints! A NAFA trained artist and a very accomplished one he is, one that participates actively in the art scene in Singapore. Very versatile, paints in acrylics and water color, sketches in pencil and ink. I know he is passionate about art, how else can one explain finding time to paint on top of grueling schedule as a fishmonger? His hours are insane, yet he finds the time. 72 years old, mind you ! He sends his works for competitions, been shortlisted and in finals for many. I was intrigued,

Peranakan Series 2017 in Coasters and Mats

Well, they are here and they are available online as in NOW. Thanks so much for your patience. Not all stores have them. Will be making deliveries to ensure stocks arrive in the outlets soon.

Taking a short break

I am going to take a short break, so the online shop will close during this time. Any inconvenience caused regretted. Please visit the outlets at The Fullerton Shop, Rumah Kim Choo, Battlebox Visitor Centre and Chinatown Heritage Centre, all outlets are properly stocked.

4 going on 5...

July 12, 2013, I attended my first art class (after A levels!) and started on an art journey that surprises even me! So much has happened in these 4 years, I have painted nearly 200 pieces, I have sold my works, I have been commissioned, I have ventured into retailing and miraculously, by the grace of God my works and merchandise have gone to far more places round the world than me. I have much to be thankful and grateful for. There are some things I have learnt in this journey and some times some of these things remain, no matter the length of time. 4 years later, I still love exploring different medium, I still hop from subject to subject. It is hard to describe what kind of style and wha

Peranakan Series 2017

Finally, got my act together to get the three new designs out. Unveiling the 6 right now in this revamped 2017 series. Thank you for your strong support in Peranakan Series One, I hope you will like this second series as much as you liked the first one. Production has begun and the stocks will be ready soon. Thank you for your patience.

"glacy and friends" Installment One officially kicked off in July

Brought some frens from Brisbane to CHC today. Met some expatriate ladies who were looking at the pieces and browsing around my merchandise area. Was very flattered when they asked me to sign on the coasters, every single one of them in the box ! 😱 Not the end of the story, my friends also made me do likewise !!! For a brief moment, I felt like I was 'a little bit famous' !!! 😂😂😂.

First Sketch Class

I did it ! Conducted my first sketch class to 18 participants. Never in my mind would I imagine myself showing a group of ladies how to sketch. Am so glad that the ladies learned something and felt good about doing that they thought was not for them, not their thing, never their forte ! Glad I can prove them wrong. Haha... Sketching 101... conducted by yours truly... is a not so difficult, not impossible sketch class. A little help, some guidance, I show, you do.... what matters at the end of the session is that everyone enjoyed and learned something. So glad for the opportunity, thank you ladies.

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