September is tomorrow

August 31st today. Installed my paintings onto the walls of Chinatown Heritage Centre. These past three months of work finally up on the walls. Thanks be to God, thanks be to all who helped me put this together. Ya, finally, it is going to be September !!!

My First Solo

It is happening. Next month. September, the month I turn 55. After nearly 200 paintings, I have mustered enough courage, guts and a thicker hide to do it. Yes, go SOLO. No other artist's works next to mine, just mine and mine alone. It is scary, a very daunting thought. Truth be told, I am anxious, I am filled with trepidation but at the same time, excitement mounts and anticipation rises. My mind is on hyper mode, racing each day with ideas and stuff that I want to paint and things I want to do. I am energised because my day is full with things I enjoy doing so much. Working on a theme, not just one or two pieces but a whole collection is a first for me! My friends helped. Some gave me i

Three name cards

Some people may find it strange because I have since have had 3 name cards so far. Considering it has only been 4 years, it is actually quite a lot! It is a deliberate attempt on my part, to keep my calling cards current. Kudos to my graphic and web designers, they have maintained a consistently even look in spite of the changes. On all my cards and FB page and website, everything is properly aligned. I have noticed that when I give my cards, people usually do a double take (I think it is because it is so colorful?) and then, they will start asking me a question or two. A very good ice breaker. Hahaha... happened so often, still happening. Three name cards since I started painting seriously

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