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My REMINSCING THE CHARM OF CHINATOWN Solo Exhibition ended today. I have had a wonderful month. Truly, I have gained a wealth of experience doing my own show and managing my own merchandise. It may looked like nothing much but the execution of an exhibition actually took me months of research, planning and painting. I am thankful that I have moved my stocks, sold my prints and even sold my originals. I must confess that I have had many anxious moments. So many WHAT IFs? Every artist needs a morale boost, a sale is not just about getting paid, the sale itself is an affirmation, an encouragement, tantamount to an approving nod for the efforts and time spent in the months of preparation leading

2 in Top 5

TripAdvisor Singapore released its top 10 MUST visit places in Singapore. The Battlebox is RANKED ONE and Chinatown Heritage Centre is now RANKED FIFTH ! And why should I be interested in the rankings of these tourists sites this time ? Ya, it is personal. Well, folks, if you have guests in town and you are bringing them to The Battlebox, do drop by the Battlebox Visitor Centre, come see my stuff there! :) And if you visit Chinatown Heritage Centre, you will end your tour of the museum at my little art gallery and my merchandise display stand. Have a look see. Ya, was very happy when I saw this post and is still so absolutely thrilled with it!!! YAY !!!

God will send the buyers

I always get the jitters, the butterflies in the stomach. Every single time. Before and during an exhibition. All the months of hard work may very well come to nothing. I tell myself that God willing, He will send the buyers. If He doesn't. it is NOT the end of the world. I will learn from the experience and that itself is a huge pocket of wealth. Well, almost 2 weeks into the exhibition, I think I did pretty alright, in that I moved some merchandise and sold a few prints. Never expected something so 'spectacular' to happen. Today, I scored a big deal. 3 original paintings, 2 of which were signature pieces, were sold. I had told myself before I met my client that I will not be disappointed

Closed the first sale ... yesterday !!!

For this exhibition, I have decided to sell only prints. Ten pieces and that would be it. Keeping all the originals as a legacy for the family. These are sights of now and memories from my head, not even sure if the sights are going to be around in the years to come, so no sale of any originals except for this one... because she owns Fabricity and the original should go to her and her family. Actually the deal was sealed yesterday but because I was busy with this and that, I wanted to make doubly sure that I heard her clearly, so I texted her to confirm again. I am so happy to announce that I closed my first sale yesterday! YAY!!! #TGBAG

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