A GlacySohArt Showcase

Well, folks it is a MINI NO MORE ! The turn of events these last 2 weeks were so amazing, I just have to share this with you, my friends who have been journeying with me. A month ago, I celebrated my big 55th. That afternoon of Sept 27, I received a call from Haw Par Villa. The intention was to list my stocks. I was very very happy. What a birthday gift!!! I let out a big YAY and the husband looked up from his books and cautioned me that I haven't hung up the phone yet !!! Hahaha... Then, I was asked to go for meetings with the HPV management. I went but did wonder why? They asked me if can paint some of their corners? Yes, I can but I told them I am a Christian and there are things that

Met Russell Today

Made my deliveries of stocks and paintings at Haw Par Villa today and well, guess who came to greet me? RUSSELL, the resident squirrel! So very cute was he, he scampered around merrily and actually was still for quite a few seconds for me take shots of him! What a poser! Oh please don't ask me how I know he is male... the staff there told me ... I didn't look too closely! Hahaha... Anyway, what I thought was a small project at Haw Par Villa has ballooned in size. I can't believe the developments that have taken place but I guess I could not have asked or wished for a better outcome.

Haw Par Villa's 80th Anniversary Fiesta

Haw Par Villa is celebrating its 80th Anniversary. There is a big party planned this weekend, fun and exciting programs and activities. I am so thrilled and so honoured to be a part of this celebration! I have never thought I will be involved in the relaunch of Haw Par Villa and at such a scale ! Journeys' Pte Ltd is an award winning Heritage Tour Company. They have curated THREE of the TOP five tours in TripAdvisors' MUST VISIT Tourist sites in Singapore. Was told that the guided tours are oversubscribed online, there are however, some spots still available for walk ins. Come if you have time... yup, on duty this weekend ! See you there ? :)

A Mini Showcase at Haw Par Villa

It is a mini showcase. Not a lot of paintings. Maybe about 10 pieces. Some old, a few new. Yes, I am so excited to be part of this celebration! At Haw Par Villa's soft launch next weekend, October 28 and 29, 9am to 7pm. Many interesting activities are being planned, free guided tours, calligraphy shows, music and much more. Do come by if in the vicinity.

GlacySohArt Gallery at Chinatown Heritage Centre

If in Chinatown, please pop by Chinatown Heritage Centre at 48 Pagoda Street. Received this afternoon, the latest snapshot of my GlacySohArt Gallery. 😄🙂🙂😁😆☺️ CHC also carries my full range of merchandise. They are open daily, 9am to 8pm. Photo credit: CHC😘

Talk your ART

Every journey is different. Everyone has their own story to tell, things that were experienced and lessons learned along the way. Here is something that I have learnt and wanted to share with fellow art practitioners. Talk your ART, a few thoughts, essentially just my 2 cents worth. Seems to be pretty common among artists, there are many who will proclaim that they are shy, tongue tied and not good with words. Hand to your art ( haha, no typo here!), in all honesty, is there really nothing to say at all? If the artist does not talk about his or her works, pray tell, who else will? Of cos there are things to say, I know exactly what goes through the artists' minds, what inspires, the motiv


Gleaned this from an article I read online. If you are at an art show or are seriously into art, it is good to learn a few of these words. You see when someone says "modern art", it really isn't modern, he is actually talking about art done in1860s to1970s. Horrified? So there, check out the glossary ! Credit : http://www.jerrysartarama.com/blog/can-you-speak-like-an-artist/ Abstract: Of or pertaining to the formal aspect of art, emphasizing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical forms especially with reference to their relationship to one another. Abstract Expressionism: A movement in experimental, nonrepresentational painting originating in the U.S. in the 1940s, with sources in earlier

Haw Par Villa is my 5th retail point !

Haw Par Villa... a park that brings back many childhood memories. Been there numerous times as a child with my Pa, Mum and my siblings. After every visit, I would tell myself I must be a good and honest person, otherwise... !!!! Hahaha... Today, I set foot onto the grounds of Haw Par Villa once again, nostalgia filled me, the statues and figurines are still there, I saw and recognised the many Chinese Classics casted in stone and clay. I remember the many photos we took as a family. I think we visited every Chinese New Year ! So what was I doing there? Well, I received a call last week and an appointment was fixed to meet today. I did some research prior to my meeting. Found out that Award

Closed my FIRST sale at the CHC Art Gallery !

My modest Art Gallery at Chinatown Heritage Centre came into being yesterday and today I closed my first sale! YAY!!! Sold two framed prints!Thank you my dear DEAR Customer, THANK YOU so very VERY MUCH!😘

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