The Chinese Zodiac Showcase at Chinatown Heritage Centre, Jan 2018

Truth be told, I did not expect to put up another showcase so soon. I have had been busy this year of 2017 but things happened and so I just went along with the flow. Seems like my art journey is full of many twists and turns. If you are surprised, I can tell you I am no different. I am just as SURPRISED !!! The idea of the Chinese Zodiac Series came from the one very creative Director of Chinatown Heritage Centre. She tossed the idea at me. To work on it and localising it is a challenge. I was hard pressed for time as 12 designs require a lot of work. I thought hard about it and decided to take this up, the idea of co sharing my workload was a brainwave! I moved fast, approached Meredith

Mr Zhou Enlai and his take on The Chinese Zodiac

It was said that the late Chinese Premier, Mr Zhou En-lai once shared this to a group of European delegates. “The Chinese ancestors were very wise. They arranged the twelve zodiac signs in pairs. Six pairs in a cycle. In this way, they expressed their hopes and wishes for the generation that came after them. The first pair of animals is the rat and cow. The rat represents wisdom and the cow represents diligence. Wisdom and diligence must operate in harmony. If there is wisdom but no diligence in applying it, it’s foolishness. On the other hand, if there is diligence but no wisdom, it’s an act of folly. That’s why wisdom and diligence must go hand in hand. This is our ancestor’s first wi

The Chinese Zodiac

Dec 26. Today, I reveal what I am doing with my 12 fabric designs. Not one for each month but rather one for each year. There are 12 zodiac animal signs, one each per cloth. The Chinese Zodiac Signs. 12 original animal signs overlayed onto 12 original fabric cloths. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, my partner for this project, one very talented young artist from NAFA, Ms Meredith Tan. She designed on her digital board the 12 animal signs for this series of work. Meredith and I can't be more different. For one, she is young, I am 3 cycles ahead of her and when it comes to art, I am old school and she is modern. I hold a brush, she holds a stylus. She has formal art training,

Nine going on Twelve

Well, I am excited about how they will look next to each other, so even though it is not the full collection, I decided to collage them. Here it is ... nine completed pieces ... going twelve in a couple of days. I hope to finish all 12 by the end of the week..

My Christmas Gifts

If something is good, I like to do it again and again. Last year, I got arrowed to do a Christmas cover, I painted The Nativity Scene. It was called "THE FIRST NOEL'. The reception caught me by surprise, it was very well received, a lot of people liked it. I then decided to put the drawing onto tote bags as my personal gifts for my fellow ministry workers. This year, actually just some weeks back, the same painting was used by our Church's Senior Fellowship as their cover for their year end Thanksgiving Dinner. It was heartening to know that after one year, there is still 'usability' in my old painting. This year, I painted another nativity scene. I titled it ' FOR UNTO US A CHILD IS BO

Two today !

December 1, 2017. My little company turns 2 today and will begin its 3rd year in business. Time flies. Too many things have happened since I started the company 2 years ago. God has blessed me so very very much, I am thankful to HIM for this second wind at this time of my life. And to all my clients, friends and supporters who have played a huge part in my journey, Thank YOU, I couldn't have walked this far without you. Today I celebrate my second year as an Artist. It has been quite a ride and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Frankly, I have no idea what is going to happen next, come what may, I will just hang on and continue as per norm. I am just so grateful I get to do what I love an

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