The Hand of Almighty

Today, Facebook prompted me of a feature from a platform that I joined in the earlier days of my art journey. The Commissioned is a platform of over 300 artists from all over the world. Harpers Art Review Jan 2016 Issue did a write up called ART ONLINE and they used my painting as the pictorial feature. I had no clue that the piece was being used until a friend who read the article, snapshot it and sent to me !!! The feelings then were one of astonishment, exhilaration and today, I am reminded of this and guess what, I still feel so very flattered and can't stop grinning! Haha... I joined The Commissioned platform back in 2014 when I was so very new and green in the industry. I got my fir


Well, originally intended for one month, I received news yesterday that these paintings, safe for special promotions will be on 'permanent' display for the rest of the year. Yes, I am in 7th Heaven, floating on Cloud and simply over the moon! YAY !!! #TGBAG


January 2018. My first blog of the year. I started the year with a much needed break with my family. Came back refreshed, recharged and raring to go. Thought about things that happened and looking forward to what is going to happen in 2018! I have done well for 2017. Exceeded my own expectations. To God be ALL Glory. To Him I thank for His Kind Favour. What will 2018 bring ? I don't know but whatever it is, I will try and my best it shall be. Began the year with the launch of the Zodiac Dust Cloths with Chinatown Heritage Centre. The exhibition is on going for the month of January. Up next is another collaboration, with another tourist attraction. Such tie ups are encouragement and affirmat

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