Counted Today

Dec 2015, I started a little company called GlacySohArt. I just crossed the second year mark and is 2 months into my 3rd year of operation. Over breakfast this morning, I was sitting around, talking to the husband about my clients and guess what, I was utterly stunned when I started naming them! You know, I have actually amassed a very SOLID client list!!! Credit to my large network of friends who are instrumental in the progress of my work, it is a fact that I could not have journeyed this far without my dear friends. They buy, they give and they talk ...the sets get passed from one to another to yet another and we know all too well, word of mouth is so very powerful, so much so that at

A Miracle from Heaven

February 20, 2018, Tuesday. The 5th Day of CNY. Busy day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner dates and an exciting email 'confirmation' email sitting in my inbox. I can't let today passed without putting some 'hints' in it for myself to remember in the days to come. Yes, a miracle happened today. A giant of a client gave me an order for a print. Yes, A GIANT in every sense of the word. This is my miracle from Heaven today. #TGBAG

CNY 2018

Painted this last year. My TOP selling print ever. An unbelievable 50 pieces sold. Took it out of my album and put in my 2018 greetings digitally and I had vivid flashbacks as I remembered each moment of joy as the orders climbed, may I never forget that.🙏🏻 Hence, I feel that there is nothing more apt among my CNY paintings than re-using this to wish all my friends on Facebook a Blessed CNY 2018 this 春节

My Bonus Moments

My friend R who has just stepped into the world of self employment, said to me that his ex colleagues were talking about bonuses. People who worked for corporations, the BONUS is THE THING that everyone looks forward to. Being on his own, he has no bonus and I reckoned it is first time he has to deal with it. He said he is going to ask GOD for his bonus. Well, he got his answer you know, the side biz that he and his wife do on CNY has to go into a second round of production very soon because the orders kept coming! Can you believe it ? Amazing! What happened there? BONUS he asked, he got it ya ? And MORE!!! Well, I am also self employed. I have no bonus too but guess what, I got a 'bonus' fe

Sold it !!!

I don't keep an inventory of my work. Commissioned and commercial work take up most of my time. This is one piece that I did for the sheer fun of it with no customer in mind. I love the composition of the shot I drew inspiration from. The photograph was taken by the daughter of a close friend, a very talented hobby photographer, my young American friend, Ms Sarah Goh, on her visit to Singapore last year. This morning I responded to an interested client and he said DEAL! Yay !!!! #TGBAG

Auctioned for $8000!!!

Church at No. 1 Tanjong Pagar Road was painted at the request of my former pastor and good friend, Rev Daniel C Tan. Fairfield Methodist Church is raising funds for church lease renewal for the next 30 years. The target amount is not small, the responsibility huge for the church and its leaders. The good Pastor in charge took many photos for me. I painted in mixed media on art paper and prayed that the painting will resonate with some people and find favor. The church decided on a silent auction. They displayed the painting in the lobby. Interested parties were asked to submit bid forms or log into church website. The closing date was Jan 28, 2018. I cannot believe my eyes when I received th


A milestone in my journey is partnering major attractions in Singapore. It is a very big deal for me, a great privilege for my work to bear the stamps of these attractions. A huge honor ... my work on merchandise for Chinatown Heritage Centre and Haw Par Villa.

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