Orchids ... Status Update

I am so pleased with the responses I have been getting with regards to my orchids. I am so thrilled that I actually received enquiries to buy them. The originals are not for sale but I do sell prints. Limited prints. They are not quite ready yet. Painted 4, there are 2 more to go. 😊

It was 3 years ago...

I love FB memory pop ups. This was unbelievable and got me super excited , I couldn’t stop grinning ... my first and “famous” moment on TV. 3 years ago, on a news feature for an art platform that I used to belong, this artwork was somehow picked and was given a 4 second airtime on CNN! 🤣🤣🤣

SUTD Library !!!

I often get asked if I have a gallery ? No, I don’t but I do have a virtual gallery on Facebook and one on my website. Where then can one see the real works ? Ok, go to Methodist Girls’ School, you will see 4 pieces on the school grounds and at Chinatown Heritage Centre, there are some prints. I received news today, I was told 2 of my works are up at the SUTD Library! 😁 😆😁 On the second floor of Building 1 (LIBRARY) at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, there are two framed black and white prints. They are prints of 2 of my paintings done exclusively for SUTD. It is my honour to have my work on the walls of SUTD. A huge privilege, a great honor. Thank you so much. ❤️


Sept 8. Saturday. I got up this morning w a HUGE grin on my face. Had a really good sleep last night. What a wonderful launch night! What a magnificent week we had ! Almost magical. 11 paintings sold. No mean feat. Six months ago, I formally submitted my proposal to the management of CHC for this showcase. They were receptive and gave us the green light and we started work. The only thing they asked was the ‘Mid autumn’ theme. To manage expectations, I sounded out the parents, we can’t control the outcome but we can control our side of things, we will do our best. I could not have worked w more understanding parents. One of them told me not to worry, cannot sell, we will hang the paintin

Sept 7 is Launch Party

Tomorrow is Sept 7. We will have our launch party at Chinatown Heritage Centre. Time 6 to 8pm. We started the month very steadily closing our first sale on the very first day of our exhibition. The sales that followed came really fast... in four days, we have sold 7 paintings. Unbelievable? It happened... we know we have been so very blessed. Ben and Christian may not understand what is going on, so I will say it on their behalf... thank you. We hope to see you tomorrow !

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