Introducing ... The GSArt Orchid Girls !

We have heard of Calendar Girls, we have heard of ladies/ menfolk who are ambassadors of brands and companies, now, I introduce a new category, The GSArt Orchid Girls ! One of my life’s blessings ... my gfs. Last night, I got 5 of the BESTEST to have dinner with me and they graciously said they will carry my pouches for me. 😱 And so we did ... at a TOP restaurant , we had a sumptuous dinner and wine and ... yes, we took photos. These ladies epitomize what I want my work to profile, one of elegance, classiness and being comfortable in their own skin. Each of them, special in their own ways, some I have known for years, some I am blessed to have come to know more in the recent years. We


This is the Paravanda Nelson Mandela in monotone with the help of an app. Thanksgiving today. I know I have been blessed and ... much too ! Too may things, too many stories... to many consistency, I have been helped ... here, there.. everywhere. Fact. To God Be All Glory, Thanks be to My GOD. Happy Thanksgiving !

Adios to 5 Pieces this Week

Every piece is special. Every piece is painted with numerous hours spent conceptualising, scrutinising to get the desired effect, the result that I sought after matching what is in my head, in sync with what I see. 5 pieces were varnished and tidied up this week. A record feat for me. I had been much blessed by the owners of these paintings. The first one was collected last week. I had wanted to deliver but he came instead. Bless him. The second piece I delivered personally. The owner bought me tea ! The next three pieces were delivered this morning. My very lovely client was excited with her paintings, in fact she liked them so much she told me how excited to be connected with me and that I

What JOY !!!

This is the Library at SUTD. Yes, 2 prints up there for a while but today is the first time I am seeing it ... had to take a photograph for record !!! :)

My Orchid Pouches ... available soon !

The other 3 samples arrived yesterday. Judge me not please, I want to say they are very beautiful, you know? I am going to be so thick skinned and say ... Swee! Swee! Jin Swee lah! I am so pleased 😁 and so proud of this range. Worth the bomb I spent on high resolution scans! Not so painful now after seeing the difference in the merchandise. 🤣 The first three pouches will be available early Dec and next three, I hope to bring in early next year ! I can take your orders now. 😉

3 Prints SOLD from my National Monument Series

These works are from my SOS Series 3 Collection on National Monuments. The coasters and mats are still available but very low in inventory. Today, 3 prints were sold to an overseas client. Thank you so very much for your kind support. ❤️

Turning 3 soon...

November 1st today. Next month, my company turns 3. Started operating professionally Dec 2015. Time flies.Been so busy the past few months that I lost track of time. Although I have dates booked for workshops and showcases for 2019, my mind is thinking it is a good while more ! Aiyoo, it hit me just that it is end of 2018 and 2019 isn't too far away !!! This morning, I received a text message from a nice lady with an enquiry about my work. Not the first time I am getting enquiries, actually it has been happening quite often lately but u know, each time, it feels like it is the FIRST TIME! I still get the top of the world feeling! You can be sure that I will have a big wide smile plastere

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