Bye 2018 ... Hello 2019

Dec 30 today. One more day and the year would have ended, 2019 will begin. Was a very busy year for me and it has been a good one. On the home front, both my children have graduated and have found good jobs. The Husband too has finished his Masters degree. :) Work wise, 2018 has been exciting as things move as if it has a life of its own. Did quite a few shows, collaborated with three artists and we registered performances exceeding expectations. Commissioned work orders have been steady and retail sales moving. I could not ask for more. What will 2019 hold for me? Franky, I am a little awed by what has been happening. I will need to start speaking to lawyers, negotiating with business par

The Displays at the Retail Points

Currently, I have 4 retail points and one Online Shop. Haw Par Villa is closed for renovation works and will reopen next year. Each outlet is special and each comes with a history of my experiences and encounters with the shop owner, the sales staff and their customers. Every one has a part in my growth. I couldn't have walked this far without anyone of them. Thank you to all. To God be All Glory.

The Orchid Series

This is the range of products for now. Three more pouches will arrive next month and in the works are two designs on another merchandise. Will update on progress once I get the prototype... hopefully soon.

Just for a week ...

Apologies, going away for a week. The Online Shop will reopen Dec 16. So sorry for inconvenience caused. Please visit my outlets at Chinatown Heritage Centre, Battlebox Visitor Centre, Rumah Kim Choo and The Fullerton Shop if you need to buy any of my merchandise. Thank you !

Year 4 begins...

Today, GlacySohArt turns 3. Can’t believe that 3 years flew past just like that. Couldn’t have made it this far without help and favour from Almighty God and the wondrous support and encouragement from friends, friends of friends, my corporate and institutional clients. Been a truly awesome 3 years. Orders have been steady, the stocks at the outlets move, my work gets auctioned successfully at charity galas and my reach has expanded so much, it is unbelievable! What is going to happen in the 4th? Frankly, I just work along with things that happen, no lofty business plans, no stressful P and L demands, no big sales target to hit. The beauty of this second wind is I am so totally flexible. My

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