3rd Anniversary at The Fullerton Shop and Chinatown Heritage Centre

May 2016 was a special month for me. I will never forget it as it was the month I plunge into the lake of uncertainty in the very scary world of retail, with my very own niche of mementos for the Singapore tourist market. 😳 I don’t think I was the only one with doubts, seriously, what are the chances of survival? It is after all, a VERY competitive market. Well, believe you me, there are miracles in our lives. I bear testimony to that! By the grace of God and angels He sent my way, I ‘opened’ my first retail point at The Fullerton Shop. This was followed very quickly, a couple of days later, by Chinatown Heritage Center. Truly AMAZING, right? Three years has passed. Yes, in the blink of

Pride of Place !

I visited a Friend/ Client I visited a Friend/ Client yesterday. The first thing I saw when I entered the home is this piece of art. 😱Occupying pride of place in this home, it greets everyone, every visitor! I am so honoured, totally made my day ! ❤️

Display for Mother's Day at Jewel

Latest display at Jewel. 😱 GIFT 礼 by Changi Airport is on the fourth floor of Jewel, the same floor as Changi Experience Studio which is likely to open this month. 😊

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