#Oil Painting 130

Oil Painting #130 in the works. The weather has been good for painting. I worked on this in the last 2 days and have made pretty good progress. This piece is based on an original photo by my young American Friend, Brian Djaja taken a year ago on his visit to Singapore

New ... The Fort Canning Series

Stocks in, keys in the system, display on shelves ... Ready. 😊 Launching exclusively at Battle Box Visitor Center ... my interpretation of three of the most beautiful parts of Fort Canning Hill. Three ... for now. 😉 Available in this series as mementos are postcards, tote bags( not in pic), mugs, lens’ cloths and fabric table mats. Btw, do you know that Battle Box is NUMBER ONE on TripAdvisors’ list of ”must visit places” in Singapore? Go sign up for a curated tour and learn about how the fort left such indelible marks on the history of Singapore. Believe me, the guides there are simply awesome !👏👏👏

Repainted a piece from 2014

I repainted this piece. First layer was June 2014, new layers completed today, June 2019. You see, 5 years ago I didn’t know about artist quality paints, I have no clue about brushes ... thought everything from Art Friend is a big deal already. 😳 My earlier oil pieces were delivered unvarnished. Aiyoo, no professionalism, totally unacceptable. 🙈 This piece was returned to me for varnishing. I asked the very nice owner for permission to repaint. Thankfully she agreed! 😅 So I spent 2 afternoons going over the canvas and finally finished it. Just completed. Took a shot and sent it to her. She likes it! Phew !!! 😀

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