Secret ? Nahh...

When a lot of folks my vintage are slowing down and taking it easy, I on the other hand seems to have bursts of energy inside me. I am on the move doing quite a lot of things and my mind is constantly thinking about this and that. More importantly, I am happily busy. Oh yes, I am sleeping well too! LOL... No big secret, just that my work is not exactly work lah. :)

8th Retail Point is up !

I am so pleased to announce that my 8th retail point is FABRICITY at People’s Park. It is on the second floor and you won’t miss it because it is so unlike and so totally different from the rest of the other shops. I know cos I painted the shopfront ! Today is EXACTLY 2 years! 😱 Ahem ... Original painting occupies pride of place in the shop! Unit #02- 1098, go see! 😜 FABRICITY is the authorised distributor for the very famous Liberty fabrics, a very established British brand known for their fabulous prints. They also carry a curated selection of European cottons, linens, French laces, jacquards, voile, silk organzas and more! Told you they are different, yes, right in the heart of People’

"A Good Catch" was auctioned at S$5000!

Was just informed. At the Methodist Missions Society Gala tonight, “A GOOD CATCH” was auctioned for S$5000! YAY! Thank you, Dear Kind Buyer for your generosity. GOD bless your kind heart ! #PTL #TGBAG

And here we are... Number 7th !!!

Stocks in today. I am so pleased to announce that I will be represented at Das Erzgebirge Haus, in Ion, Orchard. This will be my 7th Retail Point and I can’t tell you how simply overjoyed I am. 😆 Das Erzgebirge Haus is a gift shop that specialises in European arts and crafts. Of late, they have customers asking for local souvenirs and I am so thrilled that I am able to list my items there. The shop is on the 4th floor of Ion, unit number #04-20. YIPPEE DOO DAH ! Yay! YAY ! YAY!!! #TGBAG

ALOHA ! MAHALO ! We are on the way !!!

Mahalo! ❤️ I had a business enquiry from Hawaii a couple of months ago. We made contact and exchanged email and then there was silence. I did not want to push as I do not want to appear overly eager, so I waited. I learned PATIENCE and I willed myself not to let my mind drift. I steer clear of negative thoughts. No point wasting time worrying about stuff that I have no control. They must be busy and guess what ? Indeed they were! 😅😉 Finally, I got the reply that I was waiting for. Yes, the samples are on the way! YAY! 💪🏻🙏🏻 #TGBAG

CONSIDER SERIES .... 3 out of 8 completed

Consider THE KINGFISHER Consider THE BUTTERFLY Consider THE ANTS 3 Completed... 5 more to go. No, not racing, the essays are done but editorial has just about started ... design will soon follow. Getting a book done involves a lot of people... this time I am added into the picture to 'spice up ' the book with my work. How will it turn out ? We' ll have to see.... God help me ! :)

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