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A Platform

A Voice  


Another dimension of my work involves working with differently abled artists. It is my hope that by working on collaborations, I will be able to provide a platform to showcase their expressions,  create a channel so that their voices can be heard and that their works gain the recognition they deserve. Simply put, the ultimate goal is some form of self sufficiency. 

Jacqueline Woo

One of my most ambitious work to date was the book project I embarked on with Ms Jacqueline Woo and Dr Tan Lai Yong.  I contributed 10 paintings .  The book "Let Us Consider" is a compilation of 31 inspirational essays. Book launch scheduled on Nov 7, Enabling Village. 

Jac  is 26 and she has Dystonia, a neurological disorder. She graduated from NUS 2 years ago with a Bachelor of Arts, Distinction in History. She writes well and each piece is heartfelt.

IMG_6529 2.PNG

Christian Tan 

Christian Tan was diagnosed with autism  disorder spectrum at 4 years old and only started speaking at 8. Christian is 24 this year and  has an elephant memory, in particular he can remember dates and events very well. He loves music and he loves art. He draws well and has a penchant for stick figures. He was the other artist that I collaborated with last September in the sell out  LANTERNS TO MY HEART Exhibition at CHC.  Christian takes art lessons from VSA but this year, Christian  also went under the tutelage of  Artist, Ms Yoke Ying and together, they have produced some lovely pieces on a co-sharing basis.


Benjamin Koh 

Ben suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) and is also on the autism spectrum. He is low functioning and is not very verbal.

Ben is 34  and he attends the St Andrews Adult Autism Centre. He loves music , loves to swim and loves to paint. Ben has an excellent eye for colours and though limited in his hand eye co-ordination ability, he is able to dab in  what I called "Only Ben" style. Ben's work has been featured in books, one of which is "ART WITHOUT BOUNDARIES, Living on the spectrum". This year, Ben was also the poster boy on World Autism Day in a special video commissioned by Temasek Foundation Care. Ben has his own series of "BenBags" which is a very successful line of his works on tote bags. 

Last September, I  collaborated with Ben in a sell out exhibition at Chinatown Heritage Centre. Ben and I have co-shared some works on canvas.


Douglas Leong

Douglas Leong  is mentored by Artist JTmuses.  Douglas' work improved by leaps and bounds under JTmuses' watchful eye. Both mentor and mentee joined forces  and have since produced some excellent art pieces on iconic places of Singapore.

Douglas was diagnosed at 3 years with Pervasive Development Disorder Spectrum. Douglas is high functioning. He went from Northlight  School to ITE and then to the Polytechnic. He is 24, holds a day job  and loves to paint. His works have been exhibited and some of his paintings have been reproduced on lacquer boxes and there was even a limited edition handbag.

As of Dec 2, 2019, Douglas Leong and JTMuses have spun off on their own. All the best to them as they  begin their journey to create more works together. 


works by special artists

guided by their mentors

Significant in this journey with the boys is a mentoring program we started where not only skills are imparted, we also ventured into canvas sharing with our mentees. These pieces are the results of many hours of hard work and months of working alongside each other. Limited prints are available. Works are being produced on merchandise and are available at Gift by Changi Airport, Jewel, The Art Ground, Goodman Art Centre and Utopia Apparels, Kampong Glam. 

Customised merchandise is possible and the boys are ready to accept commissioned orders. 

We welcome all enquiries, please message me at 

quintessential SG Shophouses by Douglas

Quintessential Shophouse


By Douglas Leong

guided by jtmuses

mixed media artwork 

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Two Vanda Ms Joaquim in Lush Greenery

Co - share canvas  

by Benjamin Koh and 

Glacy Soh

mixed media work on canvas


Spring Blooms

Co-share canvas

by Benjamin Koh and 

Glacy Soh 

acrylic paints on canvas



Esplanade at Singapore Theatres by the Bay 

By Douglas Leong

guided by jtmuse

mixed media artwork

76e4400e-2598-43b2-ad31-6208331f35bf 2.j

The Istana

By Christian Tan 

guided by Yoke Ying

mixed media artwork


BG Bandstand

Canvas sharing by Christian Tan and Yoke Ying



November 1, 2019.

Today, we received our first corporate deal. An order of 20 prints for "Quintessential Shophouse" from a corporate client. Thank you so much for this ! We are so happy. YAY!!! We give thanks to God Almighty for His Favour on us.


For enquiries of work by Douglas Leong and JTmuses , please check out

IMG_6534 2.JPG

Nov 4, 2019

SaltnLight.Sg did a feature on Jacqueline Woo, Dr Tan Lai Yong and Glacy Soh. We are so honoured and grateful. Thank you so much!


Nov 7, 2019

Today is the day of the Book Launch. Finally, it is here! Excited.  Come what may, we are so glad that the book has come to fruition.

Many thanks to our Community Partner, Enabling Village and to MediaCorp Enable Fund for their support. 

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

Nov 9,  2019. Ben and I received our first co-share commissioned order. We are sooo happy. 

192528c9-b5f7-4bf5-a956-aa5c7527c37f 2.J

 Nov 23 tomorrow. It is the Launch of SG Enable's initiative 'I'M ABLE'. It is a drive about affirmation and inclusion. SG E is sparing no efforts in this launch. The GOH is a VVVIP! They even roped in MediaCorp artists and many like minded vendors for a special 'I'M ABLE' GIFT MARKET!
We consider ourselves blessed to be part of this. 


Nov 23, 2019. At Enabling Village, SGEnable launched " I'mAble" Initiative. We are so blessed to be involved in this. So simply over the moon when Madam President Halimah, came by our stall, looked and talked to us. This photo is precious. Thank you so much to Madam President, she certainly made our day !  #TGBAG

This page is mainly for records. There will be no more updates here. For more information regarding work with differently abled artists, please look under "Special Artists". 

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