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4th year... begins today

July 12 today. Three years ago, on this day I signed up for a course of 6 art lessons. My first piece, I painted "Ballerinas" . Never thought I would continue painting till this day. Never imagine that my life will change so much since picking up the brush! A lot has happened in these 3 years. I completed 101 pieces. 100th featured here next to 1st. 😱 Today, I thank God for the ability to paint, I thank my wonderful art teachers for inspiration and guidance, I thank my family for unwavering support, I thank the Angels who helped and open doors for me and I thank my friends whose affirmation and encouragement carried me through moments of insecurity and diffidence. A momentous day, I take the opportunity to officially launch my online shop. gs online goes LIVE today. Pay pal integrated. Test runs completed. All good. Ready. 😅 Look for store in my website An exclusive online series is in the works. Coming soon ... TGBAG.

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