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My Happy Pill

September 22, 2016


A super busy day for me, I didn't do any work but I received orders that totally made my day.  Topping up the distribution outlets is a task I have to do. I am a one man operation and in spite of the fact that I have to drive, lug and deliver the sets myself, I do it cheerfully, gratefully.  A delivery means that the stocks are moving. It means the coasters have found favour with the consumers. It means that there are sales. I feel a surge of joy each time I get an order. Over the moon. It is my happy pill. Today was doubly special, the top up orders came from 2 outlets and my online shop also received orders today. 

I didn't have time to get down to do any work today but the orders came. I am thankful. Yippee doo dah !!!

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