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4 more days...

Still a noob, I still get goosebumps whenever I see materials bearing my name with my grandmother story of my art journey and the company I started. 😳This is one of the new stands I made for the exhibition this Friday. And yes, it is down to 4 more days. I remember sounding out the girls over lunch and talking about it ... 18 months ago. Can't believe it is really happening and so soon too! Been eventful planning this. There were ups and there were downs but we braved through. Till this day we are still experiencing God's grace and His tremendous favor. Today, another miracle happened. Got the text minutes ago. Can't tell you what but if you swing by this Friday, you will see it! 😉 Truth be told, we are anxious, we are excited and we are filled with trepidation. Aiyoo ... of cos😝... our first time. There is no gallery to help us. Everything you see, from the venue, the design of our publicity materials to the hanging and display of the paintings, refreshments, invite lists etc etc etc ... we did it ourselves. We thank GOD for the opportunity and for the angels He sent our way to help us. Can we pull it off? GOD be with us, whatever it is, this is going to one @55 celebration that is going to be imprinted in our hearts and minds for a long long while. Come ... if you have time. It will be our honor.

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