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'glacy and friends' part 2... introducing Mr Tan Siak Tong

One of my oldest friends in the market is Mr Tan Siak Thong. Been going to his stall for years but it was only in the last couple of years that through Facebook(he knows FB!!!) that I found out that he paints! A NAFA trained artist and a very accomplished one he is, one that participates actively in the art scene in Singapore. Very versatile, paints in acrylics and water color, sketches in pencil and ink. I know he is passionate about art, how else can one explain finding time to paint on top of grueling schedule as a fishmonger? His hours are insane, yet he finds the time. 72 years old, mind you

! He sends his works for competitions, been shortlisted and in finals for many. I was intrigued, so very impressed was I that I find myself looking through his uploads again and again. We started talking and became very good friends. Many a time, we will be having a conversation at his stall while buying my supplies of fresh seafood from him, unaware of the other customers waiting for him! 😱 The idea of a collaboration was not in my mind, I was already committed to my girlfriends on the CHC exhibition, too crowded with so many artists. But I know deep down the idea was novel, very good indeed. At that time, I had also been in touch with my old art teacher and I had spent many hours going through my teacher's past works. I wanted to showcase both of them. These are treasures that must be shared. People must see and appreciate their artistry. So I thought hard, I must give it a try. I will ask. And I did. Amazingly and miraculously, the idea was received very positively by one very supportive Director of CHC. I owe her so much. ❤️ I got the extra month and more !!! ('More' will have to be another story!) My prep work is almost done. Now waiting for Monday to put up those beautiful works. All Originals and for sale. My friends, I am so pleased and so proud to introduce to you my very talented fishmonger artist friend, Mr Tan Siak Thong. Exhibits will be up Aug 1st and will be there for a whole month. Please drop by Chinatown Heritage Centre at 48, Pagoda Street. Opens daily 9am to 8pm. If you want to meet the artist himself, please drop me a line, we will be having a launch party on Aug 21, 4 to 6pm. Thank you so much!

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