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My First Solo

It is happening. Next month. September, the month I turn 55. After nearly 200 paintings, I have mustered enough courage, guts and a thicker hide to do it. Yes, go SOLO. No other artist's works next to mine, just mine and mine alone. It is scary, a very daunting thought. Truth be told, I am anxious, I am filled with trepidation but at the same time, excitement mounts and anticipation rises. My mind is on hyper mode, racing each day with ideas and stuff that I want to paint and things I want to do. I am energised because my day is full with things I enjoy doing so much.

Working on a theme, not just one or two pieces but a whole collection is a first for me! My friends helped. Some gave me ideas. Others sent me photos. Every blank piece of paper is a story waiting to be told. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction put me on cloud nine. I am happy.

Chinatown filled with me with memories of yesteryears, I retraced some steps when I visited the Chinatown Heritage Centre, reconstructed and recreated to days of yore. Yes, in spite of prosperity and progress sprouting out in every possible nook and corner, that being so typically Singapore and to be expected, I am so glad that there are still some gems around. I had fun exploring each street, enjoyed many yummy meals and treats with my friends whenever I was there for 'research' ! I walked the streets and captured many photographs, some of which I have used in this series of work. There were some pieces that I painted from images I gathered from the internet and some I used memory recall to work on. I cannot and dare not say that what I painted is 100% accurate, so I will ask for your kind understanding that I can only paint what I see and feel. Also, can you please allow me to flash my artistic licence ? So that I can get away with whatever whatever??? !!! Hahaha... please be kind to me! ;)

September is my month. The showcase is on for the whole month of September. I have 2 launch dates. September 7 Thursday, 330pm t o 530pm and September 8 Friday, 6 to 8 pm. Let me know if you will like to come, I will be most honored. See you and thank you so much for your support, encouragement and affirmation. #TGBAG

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