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January 2018. My first blog of the year.

I started the year with a much needed break with my family. Came back refreshed, recharged and raring to go. Thought about things that happened and looking forward to what is going to happen in 2018!

I have done well for 2017. Exceeded my own expectations. To God be ALL Glory. To Him I thank for His Kind Favour. What will 2018 bring ? I don't know but whatever it is, I will try and my best it shall be.

Began the year with the launch of the Zodiac Dust Cloths with Chinatown Heritage Centre. The exhibition is on going for the month of January. Up next is another collaboration, with another tourist attraction. Such tie ups are encouragement and affirmation for me. The idea of it, energises me.

I will resume painting in oils, have somewhat neglected it last year. On hand, a couple of confirmed commissions and one, status pending because of some image uncertainty. Oils take longer than normal, up to 6 months and God bless my wonderful clients for their patience.

It is true when people say that if you like what you are doing, the mind is constantly thinking and exploring, hahaha... yes, I have new ideas for a couple of new series of sketches that I am so looking forward to working on. I never tire of thinking about my work.

One of my greatest feats over the last few months is that I have made some awesome photographer friends. They have so generously given me the green light to use their precious images as reference for my paintings. I am delighted and the thought of access to these beautiful images made me smile. I am soooo pleased.

One of my thanksgiving item is that my retail business is gaining momentum and I am so grateful that I have gained favour with both tourists and locals. My prints have been used as gifts to luminaries, my sets have travelled far and wide.

What will I do in 2018 ? In 2017, I had a purpose and that was to celebrate my 55. I was active.

2018, 56 this year, so ??? Haha... God knows. When the doors open, I will just obey and follow. My prayer always, if it is not meant for me, please God, close the door. It is as simple as as that. I won't think too much.

At my age, I will count my blessings and live one day at a time and you betcha, I am going to live it well.

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