Introducing ... The GSArt Orchid Girls !

November 29, 2018



We have heard of Calendar Girls, we have heard of ladies/ menfolk who are ambassadors of brands and companies, now, I introduce a new category,  The GSArt Orchid Girls ! 


One of my life’s blessings ... my gfs. Last night,  I got 5 of the BESTEST to have dinner with me and they graciously said they will carry my pouches for me. 😱 And so we did  ... at a TOP restaurant , we had a sumptuous dinner and wine and  ... yes, we took photos. 


These ladies epitomize what I want my work to profile, one of elegance, classiness and being comfortable in their own skin.  Each of them,  special in their own ways, some I have known for years, some I am blessed to have come to know more in the recent years. We have one commonality though... we went to the same JC at Dover . :) 


These ladies have journeyed with me since I started painting and they have been super supportive of my work.  They are amongst my most sporting of friends, I owe them a great deal, they bother to doll up, dress up and let me take photos of them carrying my Orchid Pouches. Thank you so much. 



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