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Bye 2018 ... Hello 2019

Dec 30 today. One more day and the year would have ended, 2019 will begin. Was a very busy year for me and it has been a good one. On the home front, both my children have graduated and have found good jobs. The Husband too has finished his Masters degree. :) Work wise, 2018 has been exciting as things move as if it has a life of its own. Did quite a few shows, collaborated with three artists and we registered performances exceeding expectations. Commissioned work orders have been steady and retail sales moving. I could not ask for more. What will 2019 hold for me? Franky, I am a little awed by what has been happening. I will need to start speaking to lawyers, negotiating with business partners, discussing the operations side of my business with potential partners etc etc ... these situations are unfamiliar but I am assured that God has gone ahead of me. I just need to hold on steadfastly and believe and trust that He will show and direct me the paths to take and the direction to follow. I covet your prayers dear friends. Yes, looking forward ... Hello 2019 !!!

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