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Last post about work for 2019 :)

December 23, 2019


Working w fabrics is a whole new experience for me. When I spoke to the good designer about some concerns about the artwork on the dresses, she grinned and told me
“no problem, can easily be fixed” ! She passed me some scraps and some Swarovski crystals to try a few weeks ago and today, I collected the three fully sewn cheongsams. I started working on them this afternoon, crystal by crystal. They are not cheap so must not waste. Almost magical to see each dress go through instant transformation!😱 One more thing to do and that is, to hand over the dresses to my exhibition partner tomorrow morning.
And ok, I can finally now say I am officially “off work” for the rest of the year!
2019 has been a very busy work year for me! 🤭😁

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