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CNY Musings for Year of the Water Tiger 2022

Just as I don't read the horoscopes, I don't believe in the predicted fortunes or misfortunes of the zodiac signs. But I am a believer of passing down traditions and preserving culture and as such, I paint the zodiac animals each year with these objectives in mind. There is nothing spiritual, absolutely nought on superstition.

The idea to paint this came about because my mother in law highlighted to me that this is the year of the Water Tiger. She said to me to paint my tiger different. Hehe... I like being 'different' and when I was researching for a suitable photo to draw inspiration from, I looked for tigers in waters.

No idea what a Water Tiger means or represents but I do know that it happens once in 60 years! I was born in that particular year of 1962! This year I turn 60. LOL... The Chinese believes that the Tiger represents bravery and strength. I like the symbolism.

Next comes the hard part. The painting process. Not an easy feat. How to make my tiger POP???

The face of the tiger is a real challenge as its eyes have to speak. How to create that particular look, one that is not too ferocious? Then, the tiger's fur has got to look furry with depth, it must not fall flat. The stripes is another challenge... Not just merely painting in the black !!!

Painters will know that water is not exactly easy to paint. Right from the start, I knew that the ripples and circles of the pool water will STRETCH me and indeed it has. The water in the pool must reflect shadows, light must be shown to effect contrast. I won't tell you how many times I worked the waters! Too many !

The process of painting is what I enjoy most. I have the luxury of time for this piece as delivery is likely to be May or June. Best of all, I have the privileged knowledge that the painting has already been sold. Thanks be to God.

At this time of writing, I want to stare at the artwork a bit more and touch up here and there but I do think the painting is almost done. I will unveil it in full colour soon and for those interested, I will make available 60 prints to sell. Ya... sold one so far.... we will see what happens!

So, Happy Lunar New Year everyone. God Bless and Stay safe.


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