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September 2023

We are into the month of September. My month. I begin my threescore plus one.

Been 10years since I took up painting again, it is time to take stock and evaluate. Should I just continue painting as before or perhaps do things differently? When a dear friend bounced the idea of AR enhanced paintings, I must confess, I hesitated. Primarily because I don’t know what it was all about ! I have to read up , learn and currently, I am in the midst of an AR course to know what it entails.

Come September, Sound of Art Gallery is launching an exhibition of works by lady artists at the Pan Pacific Hotel ( level 2).

When approached, i thought the timing was uncanny! Just when I was thinking, the opportunity came! Thanks be to God Almighty! So, it is with much excitement and delight, I showcase my themed “PISCATOR’S CATCH”, a series of 4 paintings that come with AR enhancements, complete with movement, added visuals and audio. Publishing 2 first in September and the next 2 in October. Do swing by! Just open up your camera in your phone, scan the QR code and then bring it to the painting. Through the wonders of technology, the AR will be activated! The painting comes ALIVE!!!

Here’s my invitation to the exhibition which will run for 3 months.

I pray and hope that these 4 pieces will find favour with you.

* AR created in collaboration with M, the original Dinosaur Aunty !

Sound of Art


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