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About me ...

I paint. I sketch. I doodle. I do bespoke art. I am an artist.

I never thought I will become an artist. Never in my wildest dreams. My art journey began 7 years ago, in 2013. It started with a  fun art jamming class with some girlfriends and how it has led to a journey that totally changed the course of my life is simply quite unbelievable. An amazing journey that has brought me from painting for friends, to friends of friends, to people I do not  know. I often pinch myself blue, so very incredible it has been. In the 7 years, I have been blessed with wonderful clients and in my corporate client and customer lists, among the luminous names are SMU, MGS, SUTD, NUS, SAF, UOB and Changi Airport Group!

An artist somehow I have become, at this stage of my life and at such a point in time, when though not exactly old, I am far from young. An almost grand old dame, I  realised that painting was perhaps something that I can do "seriously' for this season of my life.

Who would have thought it possible to start a career at 50 something? It happened. To me. For the record, I picked up the brush again in July 2013. The last time I held a brush, I was 18 years old, in 1980  and it was for the ‘A’ levels examinations!


I have been heartened by the warm reception for my work. The deals and orders affirmed and have encouraged me so very much. In December 2015, I started my own company, GlacySohArt. Commission orders in oils and mixed media have been steady. I have work on hand to keep me busy each day. 


Egged on by my very supportive friends, I  have since launched 5 editions (with one revised version, so technically, it is 6 sets !) of my work on merchandise. In August 2015, Sketches of Singapore One was marketed primarily on social media. The response to this set surprised me, as it quickly became a sell out collector's set of coasters and placemats. The sketches featured were places of interest in Singapore. The second edition, a Peranakan one was introduced in May 2016. Barely a year later, the regular and jumbo coasters sets were sold out. I  revamped the Peranakan Edition with a 2017 version, keeping three top favs of the old series and introduced three new designs. The third edition  was on National Monuments, launched  in November 2016. The  placemats have all been sold. Small quantities of the coasters are still available. A fourth edition, The Chinatown Series was launched in conjunction with my first SOLO Art Exhibition at Chinatown Heritage Centre in September, 2017. The Fifth Edition was launched officially in late January 2019. It is a set of 6 hybrid orchid paintings to commemorate the Bicentennial Year. 


In 2017, I did four pieces of work specially for Haw Par Villa.  June 2019, I launched a mini series of 3 artworks on Fort Canning Hill, exclusive to Battle Box. 

2019 is exciting. In addition to the retail points at Chinatown Heritage Centre, The Fullerton Shop, Battle Box, Haw Par Villa, Rumah Kim Choo, I added Gift at Changi Airport, Fabricity, Das Erzgebirge Haus Ion, Orchard  and very recently Utopia Apparels at Kampong Glam. 


My work with special artists this past 2 years have brought forth much meaning for me and also some form of self sufficiency for them.  The Art Ground at Goodman Arts Centre was also added to carry stocks of the merchandise by the 3 artists with ASD. 


I am also most pleased to announce that The Art Faculty and the Wesley Book Nook now carry the book sets of specially designed neoprene holder and the book "Let Us Consider" which is an an inspirational book of 31 essays by Dr Tan Lai Yong and talented writer Ms Jacqueline Woo. I contributed 10 pcs of my work to this book. Proceeds of these sets will go to helping Christian ministries that I support. 

2019, I started a new company, one that will look after the retail side of my business. GlacySohArt Designs Pte Ltd was incorporated March 1, 2019. Thank God for this, and I really grateful to have a trusting partner and a solid team who will tend to accounts, delivery and administration! 

2020... what will it bring?  I started the year with an exhibition at Chinatown Heritage Centre. Painting on cheongsams. Painting for a Purpose. The cheongsams will be auctioned and all proceeds to Yong En Care Centre.  What I am thankful is, on hand, are 2 jobs.  A international corporation has commissioned 2 pieces of our work with Special Artists, one Singapore and one for Hong Kong. A surprise deal happened in January, a  new corporate client 'dropped from heaven" ( I reckon it is !!!) to place some orders as corporate gifts for their upcoming seminar. And yes, I have secured my first oil commission for the year and have started work on it.

Feb 8, 2020, my application to register my trademark was approved by IPOS. Never have I thought that I will arrive at this point in this very late start career of mine! But, it did and I deeply grateful to all who have helped me so very much.

Indeed, for me, to be able to do what I love and love what I do is a very big deal. My days are full. I have been so happy since I started painting again. Thanks be to God, for the ability to paint, for angels He has been sending my way, for good solid friends,  for opportunities and for open doors. 



Feb 12, 2020

To God Be All Glory