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CNY 2020 @



January 9 to February 29

Three paintings specially done for this exhibition, each with a message, a story to tell. 


新年蒙福 Festive Greetings

Size of Painting: 24” by 30”
Acrylics on Canvas
2020 CNY Series in collaboration with Chinatown Heritage Centre.
The most popular colours of Chinese New Year are gold and red. This piece used both colours to create the festive and celebratory mood. The lanterns painted are meant to illumine the months ahead so that clarity will follow and the tree of gold flowers symbolises wealth ever growing. In essence, it is a painting of blessings and a hope for an enlightened and bright future.

DSCN4781 2.JPG

新裳迎春 Festive

CNY Wear

Size of Painting: 24” by 30”
Acrylics on Canvas
CNY Series in collaboration with Chinatown Heritage Centre

Chinese New Year lasts a total of 15 days. New clothes, new shoes and new bags are a must among the traditional Chinese. These days, hardly anyone follow this tradition of wearing a new outfit every day for 15 days. New clothes on the first and second day are more likely to be observed. Universally, ladies more than men, are more likely to make the extra effort. Chinese women are no different. So, the painting of a wardrobe full of new ladies’ wear is meant to show that there will always be something to wear for the entire year. She will not be in want! 😆

DSCN4775 2.JPG

新年糕点 Festive Kuehs

Size of Painting : 24 “ x 30”
Acrylics on canvas
2020 CNY Series in collaboration with Chinatown Heritage Centre

During CNY, Kuehs or cakes are served throughout the day for visitors. Kuehs can be sweet or savory. Its roots can be traced back to Malay or Indonesian cuisines but truth be told, it is the Peranakans who popularized “Nonya Kuehs” as part of their cuisine in Singapore. In fact, such is the popularity of Nonya Kuehs that they can be found in every market and every mall in Singapore. In this CNY platter, a lot of famous kuehs such as Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Salat, Kueh Rose, Kueh Koo, Kueh Kacang Merah Kueh Kosui, pineapple tarts etc are featured. Oranges are auspicious fruits because in Cantonese, the word ‘kam’ sounds like ‘gold’ and included in the painting are 2 thermos flasks of tea. Utensils are included, ready for tea! Also painted are 2 words in Chinese, 吉祥 which means auspicious or lucky.

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In collaboration with The Girls' Kaksh, 3 cheongsams were made with Indian cotton were designed, GlacySohArt then contributed to hand painting on the beautiful dresses and studding each with crystals. 

A first partnership of its kind with Chinatown Heritage Centre, it was unanimously decided we will auctioned off all three pieces and then all proceeds to be channelled to Yong En Care Centre. 


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