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Exhibitions in 2017

A GlacySohArt Showcase

Oct 28th & 29th

in conjunction with

Haw Par Villa's 80th Anniversary Fiesta

To God Be all glory

The best is yet to be

My First Solo 


Such a big deal for me, happening soon, in the month of September, the month I turned 55. 106 oil paintings and 90 mixed media sketches later, I finally mustered enough courage to showcase 21 pieces of my work on Chinatown, about it and around it. 


I had enjoyed painting every piece, savoured the process of research and photo taking and finally putting the thoughts, ideas and images onto blank paper and seeing them come alive. 


Thanks be to God and to the angels that come my way to make this possible. Thanks much to friends who encouraged and affirmed. 

To God Be All Glory

The Best is Yet to be

glacy and friends

A collaboration with my 2 girlfriends from junior college in July and thereafter with my art teacher and my fishmonger artist friend in August. 

It was a wonderful experience, filled with many moments of joy and fun. Thank you all for making this so memorable. Thank you so very very much. 

To God Be all Glory

The Best is Yet to be


Turning 55 rocks! Three ACJC friends celebrate “THE BEST IS YET TO BE” by reconnecting with their creative passion, bringing forth a mixed genre of 55 art pieces in oil and water colours. Each creation showcases their impressions and interpretations, nuancing this in their arts in their fifties. Come, rekindle your creative fire; join us in our celebration @55. | FB: glacysoh.Art 


Fri 21 April to Fri 5 May 2017 |  Opening Night (Fri, 21) : 7 pm - 10 pm

Mondays to Fridays : 8 am to 5.30 pm  * (for public viewing)
Weekends : Opened only on Sat: 22/4 : 9 am 12 noon (* )
Venue : Singapore University of Technology and Design - Library

8 Somapah Road, S487372 - Directions Go to Lobby A, Park at Carpark B


Opportunities. A second wind.

About loving what I do and doing what I love.
About LIVING @ 55. 


My art journey started about 4 years ago. I paint in oil, water color and sketch in ink, pencils and chalk pastels. My range of work is varied, I do most subjects with one exception. I do not like to do portraits. What matters to me is I like what I paint and it is my hope that my work can emote smiles from the onlookers. Life is hard enough, I want my work to radiate joy and warmth.


From a hobby artist, I have by the grace of God, become a bona fide one with clients who are individuals, institutions and corporations. I am most honoured and privileged to have SMU, SUTD, NUS, MGS, SAF and UOB as my clients.  ​

I have a range of merchandise of my sketches in coasters and mats retailing at The Fullerton Shop, Chinatown Heritage Centre and Battlebox Visitor Centre. 

Some of my sketches on Singapore, past and present, are showcased in Restaurant Labyrinth which won the Best Asian Fine Dining in the Restaurant Association of Singapore ( RAS) Epicurean Star Award 2015.  

My work have also been auctioned at KKH Charity Golf, MCYC Charity Drive and LCSS Fund Raising Dinner. 

Living@ 55 Art Exhibition is my collaboration with 2 artists from my ACJC class of 80. We celebrate this milestone year together with 55 pieces of our work. We will be honored to have your attendance.


To God Be All Glory

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