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Benjamin Koh and Christian Tan are two talented artists living in a world where words are hard to verbalise and actions often misunderstood. Where Autism is hard to live with, Art provides an outlet of expression. 


Christian Tan is 28 years old and he wants to be an artist. 


Benjamin Koh turns 36 this year and lives in his own world. He loves to paint.

About us

This is about partnerships, about collaborations, about sharing a canvas. While the special artists are talented, they need help to showcase their abilities and assistance to represent them professionally. At this point in time, they also require some form of guidance to improve their skill sets.

The Art Industry is a very competitive one and it can be daunting, especially for young and inexperienced artists. Even more so, for differently abled ones. More often than not, it seems like an Everest task to get one's voice heard. There is no denying that it has become increasingly difficult to even have a mere presence felt in the market place.

We started a mentor/ mentee program and under this arrangement, the boys are guided in the painting process, their works are then packaged onto products and  retailed at outlets. Together, as a team, we also pitch to companies to secure joint commission orders. 

The efforts are aimed at providing a platform for the works to be showcased, appreciated and valued. It will be a bonus if  some form of financial stability can be achieved in the process.  The ultimate goal in this journey is for both artists to take off on their own, based on their own merit with little or minimal assistance from the mentors.

the mentees

Two boys, one 36 and the other 28, both on the Autism Spectrum.  One with medium functioning abilities, the other, very low functioning. One commonality, both love working with colors. 

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the mentors 

Two friends from JC, met after many years, bonded by a common interest in art, each with their own careers as artists, decided to embark on this journey to work with the boys.

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21cm x 29.7cm_Ying profile.jpg


1 canvas  

2 artists

2 signatures

From composition to execution to the final painting, the following artworks are the  results of many hours of patience, teaching and guidance. 


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 Dec 6, 2019, we secured our first corporate order for our special artists!

March 2, 2020. 

A day of joy and gratitude. 
GlacySohArt Pte Ltd first corporate deal with Special Artists was a piece for the client’s Singapore Office and another for the Hong Kong Office. Christian Tan and Chan YokeYing did the Singapore one and Ben Koh and  I, the Hong Kong one.

This morning, we received the stamp of approval for both artworks and we are sooo happy and soooo very pleased! Soooo over the moon! YAY!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
We are so grateful and so thankful for this opportunity. THANK YOU ! ❤️❤️

March 4, 2020.

To us, every enquiry is precious, every order treasured, every sale valued. We do not take things for granted. Ben and are grateful and to our Dear Client,  thank YOU for your confidence in us. 

March 9, 2020

Launched the QR Code for the Artists On The Spectrum Page on the website. Put your camera to this and it will direct you to THIS page that is devoted solely to the boys, our joint works and our collaborations. Effective this day. YAY!


June 13, 2020

The art world is no different from any industry, competition is stiff and we have our fair share of stress and anxiety just like everyone else. It has not been easy for the boys. But, we will persevere and continue to work.
Today, we received news that one of our pieces got chosen for something (can't say what at this moment! ) and though it may not necessarily translate to any immediate financial outcome, I am just so happy and so very thrilled. For us, every inch forward is a milestone.
To Ying and Christian Tan, I am so proud of you ! YAY !!! 💪🏻


Oct 26, 2020

Today, we celebrate our partnership. Together w our special artists, Ben and Christian, Ying and I are in business for collaborations and commissions.

Thanks be to God, in the past year we managed to secure orders from private and corporate clients. Amidst Covid conditions, we sold out all our drawstring bags, a feat made possible by many kind angels.

This Christmas, we will be offering a couple of small gift ideas. They will be for sale on the online and physical platforms of the agencies/ organisations that we shall be working with.

For opportunities that come by, we are grateful. For support that we get from the community, we are thankful.

Btw, hope the new look sits well, green was chosen as our partnership colour because it represents growth, harmony and ...for me, hope.


Nov 4, 2020 

Reproduction of our joint works with Special Artists, Ben Koh and Christian Tan, on lens cloths. Available at

The Art Faculty, Enabling Village.


Feb 21, 2022

A brand logo is a symbol  that represents a company or organization, or person that is used for optimising brand presence, reach and recognition. Today, we introduce the newly designed brand logos of our two artists, Ben Koh and Christian Tan. 

ben signature_outline.png

B is for B. Ben's favourite colours are pink, blue and yellow and so we put all the 3 colours into his logo. His "B" stands out in a mix of his favourite color palette. 


C is for Christian. Christian's favourite colour is white. We put his stylish signature in white on a background of black. 

For enquiries, please email :

To God Be All Glory

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