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Welcome to GSArt Online. 

"Sketches of Singapore" is art on merchandise with the objective to showcase my country, Singapore. Artworks on places of interest, iconic buildings, national monuments, unique culture, flora and fauna etc are printed on merchandise. To date 5 series  and one revision have since been launched.

Edition One on iconic places of Singapore sold out fast

Edition Two on Peranakan Culture which was sold out within a year and prompted a 2017 revised edition

Edition Three on National Monuments is currently very low in stocks

Edition Four is on Chinatown

Edition Five is on Orchids


I hope that these merchandise will bring back wonderful memories of times spent in sunny Singapore. 

I am also hoping that my fellow Singaporeans will find my items suitable as gifts for their overseas friends.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have liked and supported my work.  These merchandise are also available at The Fullerton Shop, Chinatown Heritage Centre ( closed for renovation), Battlebox Visitor Centre, Das Erzgebirge-Haus, Fabricity, Rumah Kim Choo, Haw Par Villa ( closed for renovation), The Gallery Store by Arbry and Gift by Changi Airport, Jewel. 

For overseas enquiries, please email  me at

Happy shopping. Thank you.