There are times that I feel a need to paint a certain something. So, I put aside #139 for a short while. This, I did over 2 afternoons. In the weeks ahead, I HOPE to paint JOY. Hopefully, soon. 🙏🏻

QR CODE for Special Artists' Page

This is the QR Code for the Special Artists Page on my website. Put your camera to this and it will direct u to the page that is devoted solely to the boys , our joint works and our collaborations. It has taken me a while to overcome my technology phobia, I think I have become a little savvy in navigating my own website, updating my work and even creating new looks and new pages! The past few years, I have had good tutors who held my hand and taught me how to be independent and self sufficient. I still try to learn new stuff, mainly to keep up. I struggle most times but hey, this dinosaur is definitely trying! I can't claim credit for this, a friend of mine churned this out for me. He just

A Milestone

I consider the joint commission work with Special Artists that we just completed a milestone. Well, this is a corporate client, a foreign company based in Singapore. A first for us, we are signing off all our rights to the paintings. Yes, the client wants rights. Big deal? For us, it is BIG. In this whole process, I have also sorted out the legal side of things. My heartfelt thanks to my lawyer and my lawyer friend.❤️❤️ I am especially proud of the team for these 2 pieces of original works. We started with briefs, noted the expectations, provided drafts, then reworked the drafts. Back n forth, back and forth, from composition to execution, with constant updates for our client. It was a gru

YAY !!!

Thank you for confidence in us. Thank you for the honor of painting for your newly renovated home. THANK YOU ! God bless.


March 2, 2020. I am so happy and so very pleased to share this piece of good news. GlacySohArt Pte Ltd first corporate deal with Special Artists was a piece for the client’s Singapore Office and another for the Hong Kong Office. Christian Tan and Chan YokeYing did the Singapore one and Ben Koh n I, the HK one. This morning, we received the stamp of approval for both artworks and we are sooo happy and soooo very pleased! Soooo over the moon! YAY!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 We are so grateful and so thankful for this opportunity. THANK YOU ! ❤️❤️❤️ #TGBAG

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