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A Milestone

I consider the joint commission work with Special Artists that we just completed a milestone. Well, this is a corporate client, a foreign company based in Singapore. A first for us, we are signing off all our rights to the paintings. Yes, the client wants rights. Big deal? For us, it is BIG. In this whole process, I have also sorted out the legal side of things. My heartfelt thanks to my lawyer and my lawyer friend.❤️❤️ I am especially proud of the team for these 2 pieces of original works. We started with briefs, noted the expectations, provided drafts, then reworked the drafts. Back n forth, back and forth, from composition to execution, with constant updates for our client. It was a gruelling 2 weeks! No joke. Our eyes were tired and our hands needed breaks! 😱 Many thanks to friends who provided input and help to this project. In the paintings, we included elements of what we think represent the 2 cultures. To my friends whom I activated to help me, I owe you Kopi, especially the one who helped me write traditional Chinese! 😘 I wish I could post and show you what we have done, unfortunately we can’t. Thanks again for journeying with us. ❤️ #TGBAG

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