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"Let Us Consider" Book Launch on Nov 7

"Let Us Consider" is a devotional book made up of 31 essays written by Dr Tan Lai Yong and Jacqueline Woo. I was called in to help out with illustrations. I painted 10 pcs of work, in mixed media and oils. The book cover design is finalised and we just got the INVITE design approved. Launch date on Nov 7, at Enabling Village, please come. Kindly RSVP please. Surreal to see my name on the book cover, thrilling to see my works as you turn the pages and truly TRULY amazing to see it all come together. Thank you Fiona Hu for helping out with editing. Thank you, Patrick Lim for taking time to 'shoot' our photographs. My heartfelt thanks to the 2 gifted writers, LY and Jac for sharing paper space with me in their book. We are grateful to our Community Partner, Enabling Village and MediaCorp Enable Fund for their kind support and assistance. And to God, Our Father and Our Lord, for being our source of inspiration, encouragement and for sending angels to help us all the way. Yes, we are almost ready ... see you Nov 7 !!! :)

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