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Every time I do an exhibition, I pray that GOD will send buyers. All I need is ONE Buyer who will resonate with what I have painted.

“Catch of Potential” was sold on launch night. A client came to the exhibition a couple of weeks ago and wanted it as well. I convinced her to buy a print. Yesterday, a Swiss couple staying at the hotel contacted the SOA gallery. They too wanted this piece!

One of the reasons why I signed up with SOA Gallery was to “cast my net” wider. I want my work to reach a new audience, folks whom otherwise, will never cross paths with me under normal circumstances. Fact is that there is only so much I can do using my social media platforms to promote my work.

Today, I was asked to meet with the prospective client. They are from Lucerne, Switzerland, here for a conference, staying at the hotel. I had a very good discussion but nothing is firmed. Regardless, what they told me encouraged me so VERY much. Truth be told, every artist needs to hear things like that once in while. Yes, I left the meeting with the biggest grin plastered on my face !


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