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First sale of 2024

As someone who started this journey in my 50s, I have always just moved along with the tide. My hobby became a legit business rather miraculously and to some folks, I guess would say perhaps even “magically”. Truth be told, I put in the hours but I have been most blessed by the help from my friends who supported my work. These dear friends went even further, they drop my name to many of their friends and associates … and so it happened, in the past decade, I have had exhibitions, commissions, retail points, an online shop and now, I introduce myself as “An Artist’.

Every year, I wonder how the year will turn out. I have work on hand. I will be busy for the next few months. I am thankful and grateful for that.

Well, dear friends, share my joy… The first order of the year 2024 came this morning! A text came from Sound of Art Gallery informing me that a sale is transacted. WOW … my FIRST artwork sale of the year and it is corporate, the buyer is “prestigious” and entitles me to “bragging” rights! Not my first sale to them but nevertheless, I still feel TOP of the world!

Thank you God, for your favour!

Thank you, Sound of Art for facilitating the sale.


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