Dotting can be really therapeutic. I strongly recommend it and am wondering if my mum can do this to as a hobby? Maybe she can ... with stencils ? It is fun to see the canvas come alive with colours! My supplies are scheduled to come next week, so this is trying out new stuff and experimenting. 😉

I am NOT lucky ...

I am not lucky, I just have an AMAZING GOD. In the past 4 weeks, 3 pieces from the CONSIDER Series were sold. I must confess that I was very worried, aiyooo, I get all anxious every time I put up a piece for auction/charity. Not joking. 😅 This time round, even more so, considering the current state of affairs. Who will buy? But, He Knows better. Originally, the plan was to donate 2 but I ended with 3!☺️ God sends the buyers. Every single time! 🙏🏻 All proceeds to AGWO, HIA. Many thanks to Sound of Art Gallery. ❤️ #TGBAG

In days of yore... 40 years ago

2020 marks 40 years after we left our JC. This painting is a gift, a present to the ACJC Heritage Gallery. Judging from responses on Facebook, the painting has evoked many memories of the jc years. :) I painted this with a photograph from the ACJC photo archives. I believe the photograph was taken in 1977, the first year the school started. When I attended 1979 to 1980, the grass patch in front of the brick wall was pretty luxuriant already. #TBITYB #TGBAG

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