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SADEAF Painters

I went to SADEAF ( Singapore Association for the Deaf) this morning. My task is to get co -painters to share the canvas with me. I am impressed and heartened that SADEAF’s program included children with not just hearing disabilities but also other medical issues. I love working with children. I really didn’t have to say too much, I just showed them what needs to be done. Easy. Art speaks. The kids saw the painting and excitedly crowded near me. We had fun. This series of paintings is commissioned by Dr Tay Eng Hseon and his wife in support of SADEAF’s work. Ah yes, one of which is AR enhanced by MAGES Institute. They will be unveiled at the SADEAF’s fundraiser, “Sign with Shine Gala” on Sept 22, 2023 .Sound of Art The Singapore Association for the Deaf #glacysohart #charitycommission #lifeart


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