COVID 19 Fundraiser with Sound of Art Gallery

These 2 pieces are part of the CONSIDER series, paintings I worked on for a book with Dr Tan Lai Yong and Jacqueline Woo. I am so pleased to share that both artworks have been SOLD in the COVID 19 Fundraiser by Sound of Art Gallery. My art journey has become so meaningful because of opportunities to support worthy causes. ALL proceeds will go to Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) by Hope Initiative Alliance( HIA). To the buyers , God bless your kind heart. My heartfelt thanks to Sound of Art Gallery for the initiative and for giving me the opportunity to help. Most of all, I am grateful to GOD Almighty for His Favour. 🙏🏻 #TGBAG Sound of Art

A Beacon of Truth and Light

A Beacon of Truth and Light (Point Vicente Lighthouse) 36” by 48” Oil on Canvas Painted in collaboration with my classmates from ACJC, Class of 1980. Funds raised will be directed to our Alma mater for hardship cases in the Covid 19 pandemic. This lighthouse in Glendale, CA was picked as the feature because William F Oldham, Founder of ACS schools in Singapore was buried in nearby Forest Lawn Cemetery. I searched the internet and found this photo and from there, I painted with my interpretation, changing the day colours into evening ones. I also “switched on” the light! 😉Flashing my artistic licence here, I must say I made adjustments, quite a few in fact. I began with a free hand sket

Art For Good : Covid 19 Fundraiser

I have been touched by many groups who initiated fundraisers for foreign workers, the largest group hit by Covid 19. Like many, I read and was shocked by the conditions of the dormitories and I was horrified by my own ignorance and at how ill informed I was! When asked by “Sound of Art” Gallery if I was keen to partner them to raise funds for Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach AGWO, I agreed. I was drawn to what AGWO is doing. They provide “care meals” for the workers. I like the idea of addressing a very basic but important need. Monies saved can be sent back home where situations are really dire. I am pleased that I could contribute to this and I hope and pray that my 2 art pieces can b

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