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A Beacon of Truth and Light

A Beacon of Truth and Light (Point Vicente Lighthouse) 36” by 48” Oil on Canvas Painted in collaboration with my classmates from ACJC, Class of 1980. Funds raised will be directed to our Alma mater for hardship cases in the Covid 19 pandemic.

This lighthouse in Glendale, CA was picked as the feature because William F Oldham, Founder of ACS schools in Singapore was buried in nearby Forest Lawn Cemetery. I searched the internet and found this photo and from there, I painted with my interpretation, changing the day colours into evening ones. I also “switched on” the light! 😉Flashing my artistic licence here, I must say I made adjustments, quite a few in fact. I began with a free hand sketch, my estimation of the proportions from iPad screen to canvas. So, things are not drawn to perfect scale. 😊

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