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Post Surgery

I have been working. Almost daily. These days, I take many breaks. Bit by bit I paint. This piece is slowly but surely taking shape. My client is pleased with the progress. I hope to start on canvas 3 next week.🙏🏻

Indeed, I am very thankful that it isn’t my painting hand that is “stressed” by the 2 surgeries this past 10 months. Intentionally, I decided to slow down on my output and take time off to “smell the flowers” by traveling with family and my gfs. Even then, I am not without work, I have orders from clients who can “wait”. ❤️

GOD is good. I just got off the phone from an important client. While nothing is confirmed, the feeling that I am “being considered” is enough to have me smiling all day! 🤭😊😉


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