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A Celebration of Abilities

I am no writer, so to have my name on the front page of a book that I did not write is not only very special, it is something out of the ordinary! The writers were kind to me and I was absolutely delighted and yes, in seventh heaven! Hey, a lot of people illustrate books but I think having the illustrator's name on front cover is a rarity! I have never seen any book with and artist's sharing the 'limelight' with the author/ authors. My friends included me and that in itself spoke volumes of the kindred spirit and the kind of teamwork we have had. Appreciate that and love so much to be included on the cover!

The good doctor is a learned scholar. He has written many books and he is really a well known personality in Kingdom Books. As far as book writing and publishing are concerned, Dr Tan is most experienced.

The young lady is a model of determination and humility. Not once did she grumble, not once did she complained. She writes beautifully, her words heartfelt and she certainly has an eagle's eye for spotting mistakes in the book. I salute you, Jac Woo for your tireless efforts going through the pages, word for word.

I contributed with my paintings. Never had I been so productive, churning out ten pieces so swiftly, like a production line. Haha...God good, during the time I was hard at work, I had friends who took me out for meals and I did not feel the strain until the last piece was done! And boy, was I tired but it did feel so good to have accomplished these 10 pieces at such an incredible speed. Through it all, in the 10 weeks committed to this, I felt God's blessing. My energy levels lifted each day. It helped also to know that my co-workers were praying for me too.

And so, today, I saw the book and I marvel at how ONLY a Genius God can put three unlikely souls , not very 'connected', with different skills and personalities together to write and produce a book. We used whatever skills we have and we worked. God made it happen and the books have been printed. Now, we roundup the last bit of prep work for the launch which is this Thursday and we are excited and yes, we are ready !!!

My thanks to Almighty God, who through Him all things are possible. Thank you, Jesus for including me in this meaningful project!


Today, SaltnLight.Sg published our interview feature. We are grateful for this as the timing couldn't have been better, we are just 3 days to our book launch !!!

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