Art For Good : Covid 19 Fundraiser

I have been touched by many groups who initiated fundraisers for foreign workers, the largest group hit by Covid 19. Like many, I read and was shocked by the conditions of the dormitories and I was horrified by my own ignorance and at how ill informed I was! When asked by “Sound of Art” Gallery if I was keen to partner them to raise funds for Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach AGWO, I agreed. I was drawn to what AGWO is doing. They provide “care meals” for the workers. I like the idea of addressing a very basic but important need. Monies saved can be sent back home where situations are really dire. I am pleased that I could contribute to this and I hope and pray that my 2 art pieces can be of help. If you are keen, please contact Sound of Art. Details in the link below. God bless.

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