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Time has changed me. 3 years in the business, I have become more adventurous, much more confident and the biggest change fear of technology is diminishing ! I used to fear it, never could understand it and literally had to be hand held to do anything, it was truly rocket science to me ! In this time and age, there is no way we can do business without frequent contact with the computer. I have to talk to my customers, my clients, my retailers and I am constantly updating my accounts on social media and managing my website, so much so that I have become pretty savvy with page designs, font types, font sizes etcetera etcetera. I have come a long long way. LOL Recently, I made a friend


The excitement of putting a book together... so much to learn, so much to think through and so truly amazing how everything can come together. Yes, we are in the final stages of the book production and we are finalising details of the launch. Size of book is A5, that is the size of half A4. This Christmas, I will be bringing these 2 neoprene holders (28cm by 20cm). They will be banded with the book. One holder for one book. Limited and ya, will not be replenished. Posting this to let u know, ahead of your Christmas shopping ... ;) #TGBAG

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